Managing User Access to your App

You can manage access to your App by clicking on the Manage Users tab of your dashboard.

Then click on Manage App Access from the left hand sidebar:

This feature allows you to create private apps that will only be accessed by selected users. In order to open your app, it will be necessary to provide a username and a password.
Click on the Add new User tab on the right:

and insert the necessary info:

Through this panel you can edit the list of users who can access your app, sort contacts by username and date, and remove undesired contacts.

In order to control access to your app, you need to go to your Access Control Panel in Settings and tick “Enable internal list” to set up your log in details:

If you are a Reseller, you can manage admin users for each app by clicking on the Permission button on your dashboard page, next to every App on your list. Therefore, you will see this button only in the

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