The Wizard


AppsBuilder's Wizard is a tool to help you through the first steps of creating your awesome App. It is a guide to set up your application from scratch, and you will be automatically redirected to it when you click on Get Started from our website homepage.

All you have to do is select:

the template you prefer
the layout you think will work better for your content
the color that will make your App shine

All other design and content features you will be able to set right after, and change as you please.

If you change your mind about the template you have chosen, you can change it from your dashboard as well.

If you wish not to choose right away the basic features of your App, you can select the Blank Template and set your basic design later.


1. Click on Create New App or on Start your Free Trial from our AppsBuilder Homepage:

2. Select the Category under which you will find the template you are looking for from the list on the left or search for your template from the Search box at the top right:

3. Roll over the template you want to choose and click on Customize to set your layout and color options or click on Use to go directly to the dashboard:

4. If you click on Customize, select the layout and color you prefer:

5. Click on Use this Template


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