Adding Content


Once you have added the pages and feeds to your App, you can start adding content to it.
Remember that you need to have content into each page or when your users click on it they will only see a blank page.

Types of content
For every page or feed you've added to your list, click on the Add Content button on the right:

Depending on which app page or feed you add, you can insert your content in different ways:

Import from your computer (video or photo galleries, PDFs etc)
Create manually on the dashboard (forms, coupons, widgets etc.)
Link via URL to existing content online (social networks, news feeds etc.)

Adding content via Url

When you wish to add content via URL, simply click on the icon, insert the URL and click on Import Url:

Adding custom content

For custom content click on the icon (see above) and then on Create/Modify:

Then click on Add New Item from the top right:

And insert all the necessary information (a tip box at the top will help you through the process):

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