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The WebApp layout feature allows you to customize the look and feel of your App specifically for WebApp. This way you will be able to offer a tailored version of your App's content, if you feel or need to.
It is totally optional, so you can also decide not to enable it. Here's how.

Enabling/disabling the WebApp layout
As a first step, click on the Look & Feel tab from your AppsBuilder dashboard:

Then click on WebApp from the left hand sidebar:

Click on the Options inner tab:

And select the option you prefer.

Benefits of disabling the WebApp layout
You might want to disable the Tablet layout of your App for various reasons, some of which are:
• If you are creating an HTML5 WebApp, your users will probably access it on the go via smartphone and tablet
• A smartphone layout can be reflect better the style of your company or its core business
• You have put some much effort in creating the smartphone version of your App, and in so much detail, that you prefer to put it out there in that format only


You can always go back to the Look 'n Feel tab to set specific WebApp design options.

If you DO NOT set specific WebApp design options, the smartphone design options will be applied to the WebApp version as well.

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