What is it?

The checklist is a list of the most important elements and steps to be taken in order to improve your app's overall quality. You can access it by clicking on the checklist icon in your top bar.

It consists of 8 steps that we strongly recommend that you follow while creating your app. Each step includes an explanation along with examples, tips and valuable resources to help you implement your app.

Here's the list of elements you will find by clicking on it:

By clicking on each element you'll receive useful tips and examples on how to make the most out of your App and make sure it is up and running in no time, and that you won't have missed a thing.

How to use it
Our checklist consists of 8 steps we suggest taking to implement you app's overall quality.
Just click on the checklist icon in your top bar to access it.

You can then click on each of the 8 steps to access the explanation, tips and resources to help you perform the recommended action.

Once you have read it through and download ebook and resouces, you can either click on "I've completed this step" to cross it out of your checklist, or "Pick another step" to close it and go back to it later on.

Every time you complete a step and click on "I've completed this step", your checklist will be automaticaly updated and the completed steps will appear crossed out of your list.

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