Publishing your App

To publish your App on the Apple store, go to your Appsbuilder dashboard and click on the Promote Tab:

Then click on Publish on Stores from the left hand side menu:

Click on the Apple App Store tab:

and follow the steps on the check list (reported below):

1 - Create your Developer Account
In order to publish your App you need a Developer Account, which Apple charges 99$/year.
For instructions on how to create an Apple Developer Account

2 - Create and upload your app certificates
You will be asked to create two main certificates for your app: the App Certificate and the Mobile Provisioning Profile.
•The Developer Certificate (P12 File) needs to be created only once and will be used for all the apps you will publish on the Apple App Store. You can find step-by-step instructions here:
•The Provisioning Profile must be created every time you want to publish a new app in the Apple App Store. You can find step-by-step instructions here: action

In this section you can decide if you want to publish the app on the Apple Store or if you want to publish it “ad hoc”, in other words make it available only for selected Apple devices.
Please note that if you want to publish your app on the Apple Store you need to create a distribution certificate.

3 - Download your app
Upload your P12 File and Mobile Provisioning in order to download your app.
Please note that your app will be updated in real time if you edit layout, content and pages, without having to resubmit it to the stores.
However, if you modify app icon or splash image, you will have to resubmit your app to the stores.

4 - Upload App info
Now that your app certificates are ready, you can publish your app on iTunes.
•Simply log in to iTunes Connect
•Upload your app info and screenshots
•Download Apple Application Loader

5 - Download Application Loader & Publish app
The Application Loader is a small app that you will use to deliver your binary to Apple. To upload your binary go to your Version Details page and click on the Ready to Upload Binary button and answer a few questions on export compliance.
Then you will notice that your app status will change to Waiting for Upload – which tells the application loader that your binary is ready for delivery –, and you will be redirected to the Application Loader Instructional page.
Now you are ready to launch the Application Loader by double clicking on it:
•Log in with your Apple ID and password
•Wait for the Application Loader to search for your apps ready to be added to the Apple App
•Select the app that you wish to upload and click next
•Click Choose to locate the app in the finder and wait for your app to be successfully uploaded

Please note that Apple’s review time may take up to 15 days.
Remember that if you want, AppsBuilder can publish the App for you if you provide your Developer Account details.

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