Geofencing is a particular way of using push notifications.
It allows you to establish a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area so that when one of your app users enters or exits the area, you can set your app to push a message to them.
You can also set a specific time frame for your push notification to be active.

Activation and Settings
From your AppsBuilder dashboard, click on the Manage Users tab at the top:

Then click on Push Notification from the left hand side menu:

Insert your Push Notification message, the date you wish to start sending it and the device it is for:

Scroll down on the same page to:
•Enable a range filter if you wish to have one
•Insert an URL to which you want to redirect your users to once they close the push notification (for example a web page from your website, some extra content etc. If you don't insert anything, the App itself will open).
•Insert an end date for your push notification to be sent out (Please note: each user will receive the push only once, so you won't spam them)

When clicking on the Geo Option button you will be required to set an address and a radius range for your push notifications to be sent:


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