Promotional Pop Ups

Promotional pop-ups are customizable messages delivered to your users upon opening your app. It is a fast and effective way to drive your users' attention to the most important news about your app.

How can I use Promotional pop-ups?
You can use promotional pop-ups to promote events, announce upcoming releases and highlight any news in your app that you want your users to focus on or take action on.
Promotional pop-ups can also be used to drive users’ attention to in-app pages or content outside your app, for example by inserting external links.

What are their main features?
One the most interesting features about promotional pop-ups is that they can be geotargeted, so that you will be able to reach users based in specific locations or when they are near your premises.
For example, let’s imagine you have just launched some special time-limited offer that you want to highlight to users in the area surrounding your premises. All you have to do is enable our Geo Option and select the target area for you promotional pop-ups, by simply dragging the marker on the map.
Alternatively, you can insert a specific address and set the exact radius around the desired location.

Another great feature about promotional pop-ups is the possibility to schedule them.
You can easily set the start and end dates of your promotional campaigns so that you will no longer have to worry about manually activating or interrupting message delivery, and you will be free to focus on other tasks.

These features make easy to realize why promotional pop-ups are the number 1 tool to point your users to specific content that is relevant for your business, and thus keep them updated about your brand news.

Well-informed users means happier users, and ultimately customers more willing to be engaged in your brand life!

You can take advantage of geo-targeting for your promotional pop up messages inside your app, by setting a specific range filter that will automatically send them whenever your users are within that range.

To set up the range, click on the Manage Users tab at the top in your AppsBuilder dashboard:

From the left hand sidebar, select Promotional Pop Up:

Scroll down and flag the Enable range filter checkmark box, so that a yellow Geo Option button will appear:

Finally, click on the yellow button and type in the coordinates or address of your desired filter, by setting the correct radius (in meters):


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