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Once you have created your App, there are many ways to promote it that will help you showcase its features and generate buzz around it.

A dedicated landing page is an excellent way to start building your app's web presence, giving you a space to:
• make announcements
• link to support or blog posts
• generate leads
• promote your app in ways the Google Play and Apple App Store don’t give you the flexibility to do

Also, creating a web presence means that you’ll show up in search – helping you reach even more potential users.

What elements does a landing page for app promotion need?

App description
Clearly promote the name of your app and your app icon, with a brief description of your app to hook your audience!

App preview
Get creative! In your landing page you don’t have to conform to the app stores specifications, but always keep in mind that the idea is to show off the user experience. Use app screenshots for the features or produce a video to take people on an in-depth tour of your app.

Call to action
Once people see how awesome your app is, lead them towards the appropriate app store for them to download it. Remember to always include a link to both the app stores pages (Apple and Android).

Anything else?
Your app's landing page can be an incredibly useful tool to gather information: Use it to collect reviews and feedback, and add the social share buttons so that users can easily share across the major social media platforms.

Last but not least, think about launching your landing page even before the app is ready: it can help you generate buzz while keeping users updated via email on the most recent updates.

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