Payments and Invoices

You can check your monthly and/or yearly invoices and payments directly from your dashboard, while you can set recurring payments and monitor them from your PayPal or Checkout Account.

To stop your recurring payments, you can follow this simple procedure.
1) Go to
2) Insert your 2CO Order Number/PayPal Invoice ID (which you will find in your payment confirmation email) and your email address:

3) Select the payment you wish to deactivate and click on 'Stop my recurring membership or subscription':

4) Select the payment again and click on 'Stop Selected':

Once you are done with these steps, the automatic payment will be cancelled.
If you have subscribed one of our plans a while ago with a PayPal account, you might need to stop the automatic payments directly from your PayPal account.
See under Article 'Canceling a Plan' for a detailed guide.

Once you have cancelled your automatic monthly/yearly payments, you will still be able to access the AppsBuilder platform and view your list of existing Apps.
The apps will not be active, and you will not be able to modify them.
If you click on Modify to access an App, a pop up will appear to ask you to resume payments for your subscription.
You can do that be simply following the same procedure you followed the first time you concluded your first payment.

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