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The Facebook Login feature allows you to give your App users the chance to log in into your App (or specific pages of it) with the Facebook Account details.

So when they open the App on their mobile device, they will look at something like this:

In order to use this feature, you'll need to:
1. Activate it on our dashboard
2. Create a Facebook Developers Account and a Facebook App
3. Set access for the whole App or for specific pages only

The following paragraphs will help you throughout the process.

1. How to activate it
To activate the Facebook Login feature for your App from your dashboard, click on the Settings Tab:

Click on Access Control Panel from the sidebar on the left:

And access the Facebook tab.
It will require you to insert a Facebook App ID and also give you a series of information you will have to insertwhile creating your Facebook App:

Once you get here, you can start creating your Facebook App.

2. How to activate a Facebook Developer Account and create a Facebook App

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/  and Register as a Developer and follow instructions to insert your personal details.




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