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A RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed uses web feed formats to publish frequently updated information on different online pages: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video and more. An RSS document includes full or summarized text, and metadata (like publishing date and author's name).

A standard XML file format ensures compatibility with many different programs and RSS feeds benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favourite websites or to aggregate data from many sites.
In this way, subscribing to a website RSS removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content.

By inserting a RRS feed in your App, you gave the possibility to deliver regularly updated content from different sources, without having to update it yourself on a regular basis.

How to set it up
To set up an RSS feed click on the Content tab from your dashboard:

And select the RSS feed content page from the left hand sidebar:

Then click on the Add Content button and insert the URL you wish to get the information from:

You can also set up specific options for your RSS feed under the Options tab, including Custom CSS or Javascript and more.


The RSS feed of your App may be updating slowly due to a bad internet connection, so the first thing you should do is check that it is working properly.
AppsBuilder cache updates every 5 minutes by default.

If you wish to set your RSS feed updates in real time click on the Options tab of the RSS feed:

and flag the real time option:

If you experience difficulties with your feeds, you can try checking the feed on a FireFox browser.

You can do the following:
1.Open a Mozilla FireFox browser
2.Insert your Feed URL address into the URL address bar in the FireFox browser
3.Compare the visual you are seeing over the FireFox browser to the Mobile simulator on your app editor site

Mobile Platform will display the feed the same as it is being displayed on the FireFox browser.

If the feed is experiencing issues on the browser, it means that the XML feed file is not supported with the Mobile platform and in order to have it displayed correctly you should use the following specifications.

Once your RSS feed is set up accordingly its content will be displayed correctly.

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