A beacon is a low-cost piece of hardware, a device small enough to attach to a wall or countertop, that use battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet.

Beacons where created with the aim to transform how retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and also educational institutions communicate with people indoors, by reaching out to them on their mobile device via dedicated messages that pop up on users' screens when entering the premises of a business.
The messages sent usually regard special offers, deals, discounts or information regarding the store and available services.

Why it's great
Beacons rely on one of the simplest and less-costly technologies out there: bluetooth. All messages sent are extremely time and place appropriate, and allow customers to be informed about what goes on in the store and that they might be interested in, without even asking for it.

Where to set it up
Once you have purchased your beacon device, you can set it up easily on your dashboard. Click on the Settings at the top right:

and click on Beacons from the left hand sidebar:

Here you will always find the complete list of all your beacons, active and not:

This stands for Universally Unique Identifier - it is the "serial number" of your beacon, and it is made of numbers and letters. You can have more than one device connected to the same UUID, for example if you have more than one under the same business.

These are extra indicators related your beacon device. Should you have more than one beacon device with the same UUID, these help to identify each one of them.

UUID, MAJOR and MINOR come with your beacon device once you purchase it.
This is the option to geolocalize your beacon reach to a specific area/radius.
This indicates how long you want your beacon message to be sent out for.
This activates or deactivates your beacon messaging.

How to create a new beacon message
Click on the button Create at the top right and fill in the required fields:

REMEMBER to type in the message you want displayed on your customers' screens.
Add a Redirect to URL should you wish to have your customers clicking to some extra content (like a page on your website).

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