AdSense Accounts


To use AdSense in order to monetize with banners on your App you need to:
1.Register an AdSense Account
2.Get your Publisher ID
3.Get your Slot Name
4.Insert your Publisher ID and Slot Name/ID on AppsBuilder's platform (instructions below)

How to register an AdSense Account
Click here: and follow the necessary steps to create your AdSense Account.
What you will need to start with is a google email account (ex:

How to find your Publisher ID
Once you are logged in your AdSense Account, click on the Settings Icon at the top right and then on Settings.
Then click on Account Data from the left hand sidebar.
And copy and paste the Publisher ID in the dedicated section on AppsBuilder's platform.

How to find your Slot Name
From your AdSense dashboard click on the My Ads tab at the top.
Then click on Mobile Content from the left hand sidebar.
Click on Generate Code for the corresponding Ad you wish to show.
And copy the part of code as shown below:

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